Debunking 10 Silly Travel Myths, Including the Upgrade Myth

Traveling is an enriching experience, but it’s also a field rife with misconceptions and false beliefs. To help you steer clear of common travel pitfalls and make your journey more enjoyable, we’re here to set the record straight on some of the most prevalent travel myths. Let’s dive into these 10 myths that could be affecting your travel plans.

 Myth 1: Skipping Seat Selection Increases Your Odds of an Upgrade

Contrary to what many think, opting out of seat selection won’t boost your chances of receiving a flight upgrade. In reality, you’re more likely to end up in an undesirable seat. It’s best to choose your seat as early as possible, as the best options are often snapped up quickly. Upgrades are generally reserved for loyal customers or those who have faced travel disruptions.

Myth 2: A Single Remedy Can Cure Jet Lag

There’s no silver bullet for jet lag. Managing this condition requires a well-thought-out approach, including adjusting to the new time zone. While melatonin supplements can assist, they’re not a standalone solution. Abstaining from alcohol and fasting can also help alleviate symptoms. To truly combat jet lag, you’ll need a comprehensive strategy.

Myth 3: Tourist Attractions Are Overrated

Shunning popular tourist spots is a mistake many travelers make. Some of these places offer invaluable insights into the local culture, history, or natural beauty. Striking a balance between well-known attractions and hidden gems can enrich your travel experience and broaden your understanding of the destination.

Myth 4: Paying in Your Home Currency Is More Convenient

Using your home currency abroad can lead to hidden costs. Dynamic currency conversion often results in poor exchange rates and extra fees. To sidestep this, always opt to pay in the local currency and consider using a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees.

Myth 5: All Hotel Booking Platforms Offer Identical Rates

While many hotel booking websites claim to have the best prices, exclusive deals can often be found through other channels. Consulting travel agents or joining hotel loyalty programs can grant you access to rates not available to the general public. Always compare multiple sources before finalizing your reservation.

Myth 6: Countries with Travel Advisories Should Be Completely Avoided

Travel advisories are not a blanket ban on visiting specific countries. They are usually issued as a precautionary measure, urging travelers to be vigilant. It’s crucial to distinguish between travel warnings and outright bans. Stay updated on the situation, but don’t let sensational headlines deter you from exploring new places.

Myth 7: There’s an Ideal Time to Book Your Trip

The notion that there’s a perfect day or week to book travel is a myth. While special sales events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday may offer discounts, the best deals often depend on your travel dates. Utilize price alerts and be flexible with your schedule to snag the most affordable flights.

Myth 8: Wine Is Always Cheaper in Its Country of Origin

Purchasing wine in the country you’re visiting isn’t necessarily a bargain. Some countries prioritize wine exports, which can drive up local prices. For instance, buying wine in Australia and shipping it may be 20% cheaper. Use apps like Vivino to find the best wine deals during your travels.

Myth 9: Airports Offer the Best Currency Exchange Rates

Contrary to popular belief, airports are not the most economical places to exchange money. Currency exchange services at airports usually offer less favorable rates. Using an ATM to withdraw cash in the local currency is generally a more cost-effective option.

Myth 10: The Northern Lights Are Exclusive to Iceland

While Iceland is famous for its Northern Lights, this natural spectacle can be witnessed in other countries as well. Places like Norway, Canada, and Lapland also offer excellent opportunities to view the Aurora Borealis. Don’t limit your Northern Lights experience to just one location.


Being aware of these travel myths can help you make more informed decisions, save money, and enhance your overall travel experience. Always do your research, plan in advance, and remain open to new adventures. Safe travels!

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