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The travel blogging industry continues to expand and gain influence every day. Surveys indicate that 80% of people prefer independent travel, with half of them seeking travel inspiration from blogs. Bloggers are valued for their up-to-date, real-life experiences, making them a trusted source of information.

Duncan Wierman’s Investing Travel blog is a testament to over 15 years of independent, budget, and solo travel to both well-known and off-the-beaten-path destinations. Duncan’s mission is to inspire others to explore the world, emphasizing that solo travel is not as daunting as it seems. He also demonstrates how to balance income creation with a passion for discovering new places. As a citizen of the world, Duncan’s travels span over 90 countries across five continents.

Duncan is a fervent fan of city breaks, finding them the perfect way to travel extensively and create income online. His travels often focus on culture, history, food, street art, alternative spots, and vibrant café scenes, all of which feature prominently in his writings.


Duncan is open to press trips, partnerships, reviews, and sponsorships. He can introduce your brand to his audience through his blog and social channels, ensuring that travel enthusiasts are well-informed about your offerings. Collaborating with Duncan means receiving a professional and honest review based on his experience with your product or brand. Partnerships may include accommodations, tours, activities, transportation, food experiences, gear, books, and other travel-related items, as long as they provide value to his readers.

Note: Duncan does not offer sponsored guest posts or link placements.

Feedback from Past Collaborations and Readers

Duncan’s collaborations have been praised for their professionalism, authenticity, and engaging content. Partners appreciate his detailed coverage, excellent photography, and the valuable connections he provides to other travel bloggers. Readers love his blog for its unique travel insights, honest storytelling, and the inspiration it offers.

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