Top 7 Spooky Airbnb Properties to Explore this Halloween

Top 7 Spooky Airbnb Properties to Explore this Halloween

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September marks the unofficial start of the fall season, and it’s a time when people seek out spooky experiences. From visiting haunted locations to indulging in pumpkin spice beverages, the season is ripe with opportunities to embrace the eerie atmosphere. For those looking to take their bravery to the next level, staying in a haunted Airbnb can provide a truly chilling experience. Whether it’s a Victorian home in Canada or a manor in Germany, here are eight haunted Airbnbs that you can rent this fall.

1. The Haunted House – Penetanguishene, Ontario
Charles Beck, a Canadian lumber baron, once owned this impressive Victorian home. After his wife passed away, guests and residents of these apartments have reported seeing apparitions of a tall man in a suit and an angry woman in a blouse wandering the hallways. Brenda’s meticulously furnished two-bedroom apartment offers a chance to experience the haunting firsthand. Complete with period pieces and ornate rugs, this rental is perfect for those seeking a spooky getaway. Price: $113 per night.

2. Inspiration House – Oberlin, Ohio
The Inspiration House in Oberlin, Ohio, exudes a palpable sense of the paranormal. With a display room dedicated to ghosts and the afterlife, this three-bedroom house is known to give guests an eerie experience. Visitors have reported hearing heavy boots and floor scratching upstairs, as well as witnessing musical instruments playing on their own in the living room. Typically used for meditation and spiritual retreats, this house offers a unique opportunity to connect with the supernatural. Price: $220 per night.

3. Manor Retreat – Rensow, Germany
If you’re looking for a remote haunted castle experience, this manor in northern Germany is the perfect choice. Owned by a Danish Countess and illuminated by candlelight, the manor dates back nearly 1,200 years. Christina, your host, lives in the manor and will happily share stories of the Slavic gods that are believed to haunt the house. The common areas include vast libraries filled with ancient books and beautiful green lawns where sheep graze. Price: $136 per night.

4. Manor Master Chamber – St. Paul, Minnesota
This 1883 stone home in St. Paul, Minnesota, has all the appearances of a classic haunted house. The ghost of Rosalia Finh, a child who died of typhoid fever, is said to roam the hallways. The owner, Sean, discovered an old hair beret on the ground when he moved in and had a vision of a young girl in a white dress. Guests have also reported feeling strange energy in Rosalia’s bedroom. To add to the mystique, Sean’s Doberman, Scorch, often barks at unseen entities. Price: $78 per night.

5. The Haunted Bedroom – Talliston, England
Located in Talliston, England, this Airbnb offers a private room in a house that radiates ominous vibes. Featured on the documentary “Britain’s Most Extraordinary Homes,” the master bedroom recreates the eerie atmosphere of an Edwardian child’s room, complete with toys and books. Unexplained smells and sounds emanate from the walls, and ocean sounds can be heard from the bedroom window. This stay requires nerves of steel. Price: $173 per night.

6. Parks-Bowman Mansion: The (other) Haunted Bedroom – New Orleans, Louisiana
Escape the city and immerse yourself in the haunting atmosphere of this third-floor hideout in the heart of New Orleans’ Garden District. The spacious bedroom features a queen-size bed, a private bathroom, a mini-fridge, cable TV, and a private balcony with sweeping views. According to legend, the ghosts of the Parks-Bowman Mansion’s previous owners still haunt the historic building. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine on the balcony shaded by a live oak tree and embrace the unique and unforgettable experience of this haunted bedroom. Price: $128 per night.

7. Gurnard Castle – Niton, Isle of Wight
Located on the Isle of Wight, St Catherine’s Lighthouse Cottage is a charming five-bedroom cottage with stunning views of the English Channel. Situated on the former site of lighthouse keepers’ cottages, this rental offers a glimpse into the world of sea spirits. The cottage features an entrance hall, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, double bedroom, twin bedroom, and single bedroom. With a private courtyard and shared open grassed area, it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Isle of Wight. Price: $179 per night.

Fall is the perfect time to indulge in spooky experiences, and staying in a haunted Airbnb adds an extra level of thrill to your adventures. Whether you choose to explore a Victorian home in Canada or a manor in Germany, these haunted rentals promise an unforgettable and spine-chilling experience.

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