Unlimited Train Travel in Europe: Explore Two Stunning Countries for Just $55

Unlimited Train Travel in Europe: Explore Two Stunning Countries for Just

Train travel has made a surprising comeback in 2023, with countries around the world reinstating old routes and introducing new ones. Europe, in particular, has seen a resurgence in train travel, thanks to its well-connected network and commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Germany and Hungary, two beautiful European destinations, are now offering unlimited all-you-can-travel train passes for around $55, making it an opportunity that should not be missed.

Germany’s train pass, known as the Deutschlandticket or Germany Ticket, allows holders to travel as many times as they want on regional public transportation routes across the country for a set monthly price. It is primarily valid for local and medium-distance travel within a specific region of Germany. While it doesn’t cover long-distance routes, pass holders can still benefit from discounted fares on certain eligible trains to neighboring countries. The pass can be purchased from Germany’s national Deutsche Bahn or local transport providers.

In Hungary, travelers can purchase a National Travel Card, which grants access to both trains and buses throughout the country. The pass lasts for 30 days and costs approximately $55. Foreign visitors can buy the pass at ticket booths located across Hungary. Additionally, Hungary offers a County Travel Card, perfect for those looking to explore a specific county in more depth. This pass allows unlimited bus and rail travel within the chosen county and costs around $27.

And then there’s the mysterious third country: Luxembourg. Luxembourg is the only European nation that offers free unlimited travel on trains and buses for both residents and tourists. Visitors can hop on any train or bus within the country without pre-booking and explore its stunning sights without any ticket fees. Some of the must-visit destinations in Luxembourg include Luxembourg City, Vianden, and Ettelbruck.

These train travel offers in Germany, Hungary, and Luxembourg provide a fantastic opportunity to explore these countries without breaking the bank. With the convenience of unlimited travel and cost-effective passes, travelers can make the most of their European adventures. So, whether you’re looking to discover the scenic routes of the Mayan Riviera or explore the charming towns of Germany, Hungary, and Luxembourg, these train travel options are worth considering. Don’t miss out on these generous offers, as they may not last forever.

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