Top 20 Proven Ways to Earn Extra Cash in Your Golden Years

Retirement can be an exciting new chapter, offering freedom and flexibility. However, you may find yourself needing or wanting to make some extra money during your retirement years. The good news is, there are plenty of fulfilling ways for retirees to earn income while still enjoying freedom and leisure time.

  1. Work part-time – Consider working part-time in retirement at a job you enjoy, such as at a charity, golf course, retailer, restaurant or your former career field. You can control your hours for flexibility.
  2. Freelance work – Freelance gigs like consulting, writing, tutoring and proofreading allow you to work when you want from home. Websites like FlexJobs and Upwork connect you to opportunities.
  3. Turn hobbies into a business – Sell products or services related to your hobbies, like baked goods, arts and crafts, photography, consulting, bookkeeping, repair work and more. Start an online store via Etsy, eBay or your own ecommerce site.
  4. Rent out your home or spare rooms – Generate income by renting out extra rooms or your whole home when you travel via sites like Airbnb and VRBO. Consider also renting out RVs, parking spaces, garages and storage space.
  5. Pet sitting/dog walking – Offer pet care services like boarding, sitting, walking, grooming and training. Market your services through personal referrals, social media and sites like
  6. Tutor students – Tutor students of all ages in academic subjects, music, sports, arts or other areas you’re highly skilled in. You can even tutor online to broaden your reach.
  7. Drive for a rideshare service – Flexible gigs like driving for Uber and Lyft allow you to work as much or as little as you want. You can even rent your car out through services like Turo and Getaround when you aren’t using it.
  8. Deliver groceries or packages – Retirees can also earn income delivering for services like Instacart and Amazon Flex. You get to create your own schedule.
  9. Sell products online – Design, make and sell products online via your own ecommerce store, creative marketplaces like Etsy or platforms like eBay and Amazon. Or dropship products so you don’t have to store inventory.
  10. Monetize a blog – If you have a hobby or passion, create a blog and monetize it with ads, affiliates, products,courses and consulting. It can become a nice income stream over time.
  11. Rent out storage space – Rent out extra garage space, parking spots or storage areas either long-term or short-term via apps like and
  12. Invest in real estate – Investing in rental properties to collect rent or flipping houses can earn significant income if you have the capital. Consider crowdfunded real estate investing if you have smaller budgets.
  13. Do seasonal work – Seasonal, temporary and holiday jobs are a way to earn extra income around your schedule. Think ski resorts, theme parks, retailers, resorts, and more.
  14. Teach online courses – Design and record educational online courses you can sell for a source of passive revenue through sites like Udemy and Skillshare.
  15. Direct sales/MLM businesses – If you enjoy direct sales, continue your side-hustle into retirement or pick a new product line you like. Just be wary of scams and issues with some multi-level marketing companies.
  16. Sell crafts online or at shows – Crafty retirees can sell homemade jewelry, quilts, embroidery, candles, artwork and other crafts through local shows, consignment shops or sites like Etsy and Craftsy.
  17. Become a tour guide – Give tours at a former workplace, local attraction, historical site or for a tour company if you have the personality for it.
  18. Bookkeeping or tax prep – Offer free-lance services doing taxes, bookkeeping, payroll, accounting and other financial services either virtually or locally.
  19. Resume writing or job coaching – Help others with resume writing, interview prep and job coaching, either privately or through a temp agency.
  20. Referee/umpire sports – Earn cash refereeing, umpiring or judging youth or adult recreational sports in your local community like soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball and more.

The key is finding activities you enjoy that provide fulfillment along with extra income. Start small and experiment to find the best income streams that suit your retirement lifestyle.


Retirement can open up all sorts of opportunities for pursuing your passions while also earning income. With a little creativity and effort, you can find fulfilling ways to supplement your retirement nest egg by doing things you love. The key is picking income sources that provide purpose beyond just making money. Start small, be flexible and realistic in estimating potential earnings, and focus on fun activities aligned with your interests and skills. Then you can enjoy your golden years while bringing in extra cash.

Which income ideas appeal to you most for your retirement? Determine your financial needs and then mix and match strategies to create income streams perfect for your lifestyle. The options are endless when it comes to monetizing hobbies, skills and extra space you have available. With smart planning, you can achieve an ideal balance and get the most out of this new life stage.

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