Luxury in Antarctica | ECHO, the world’s most remote camp

Luxury in Antarctica | ECHO, the world’s most remote camp

Join me on a full tour of Echo, the world’s most remote luxury camp in Antarctica. Inspired by astronauts, Echo sits on a massive glacier in quiet solitude, encircled by ice-covered rock formations. The futuristic camp is managed by White Desert and can only be reached by private flight.

The video includes the flight to Echo, a full tour of Echo, fine dining in Antarctica, as well as the activities around Echo (e.g. hiking, abseiling, biking, ice climbing, and exploring a crevasse). Keep watching tell the end for a fun party in a stunning ice bar!

Video chapters:
0:00 Intro
3:02 Flight to Antarctica
10:54 Transfer to Echo
13:01 Camp setting
17:38: Main pod
19:28 Observatory
22:24 Decompression Chamber
25:52 Decontamination Chamber
27:34 Refueling Station
28:35 Kitchen & chefs
31:35 Room
37:00 Breakfast
38:45 Glacier hiking
51:21 Lunch
52:46 Crevasse
54:52 Ice climbing
56:34 Mountain hiking
1:00:43 Dinner
1:03:51 Biking
1:05:09 Wolf’s Fang Camp

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