Exploring Marrakech’s Street Food Scene: A Delightful Breakfast Tour in Morocco


Experience the vibrant flavors of Moroccan street food with a breakfast adventure in Marrakech, Morocco. Marrakech is renowned for its incredible street food scene, and we embarked on a culinary journey to discover the best breakfast options in the city. Join us as we explore the bustling alleyways near Jama El Fna square, where we encountered a plethora of mouthwatering Moroccan street food options.

Our first stop was a friendly Bissara soup vendor who graciously allowed us to film our street food vlog. Bissara soup, a delicious fava bean soup served with bread, was served to locals from a large pot. This vendor not only provided excellent service but also offered free bowls to those who couldn’t afford it, showcasing the generosity and kindness that is a hallmark of Moroccan culture.

Continuing our breakfast adventure, we stumbled upon the Hassowa soup, a robust and slightly spicy soup made from oregano and semolina. This street food vendor had been serving this delectable soup in Marrakech for an impressive 16 years, a testament to its popularity among locals and visitors alike.

Next, we indulged in a Msemen Moroccan flatbread, a crispy and oily treat smothered in butter and honey. The lady preparing this delicacy was friendly and busy catering to the hungry locals, further enhancing our experience of Moroccan hospitality.

For a classic Moroccan breakfast, we savored the Khlea, a flavorful omelette made with eggs and slices of preserved beef, accompanied by smen Moroccan preserved butter. This hearty dish left us satisfied with its richness and a hint of saltiness.

To complete our street food adventure, we couldn’t resist trying a Moroccan tajine made with beef, carrots, potatoes, and zucchini. We discovered this savory delight right on the street, adding to the authenticity and charm of our culinary exploration.

If you’re planning to embark on a similar street food adventure in Marrakech, here are the addresses of the street food locations we visited:

1) Bissara soup vendor: Located in the Bab Doukkala area of Marrakech, you can find several vendors selling Bissara soup in the morning.

2) Hassowa soup vendor: Near the Jama El Fna square in the old Medina of Marrakech, this hidden gem requires venturing into the alleyways to find.

3) Msemen Moroccan flatbread: Located in the back alleyways, behind the olive sellers at the back of the Jama El Fna square, this is a popular spot for breakfast.

4) Khlea egg omelette with preserved beef and smen butter: Found at Zeitoun Cafe, also known as the olive cafe, in the Medina of Marrakech. Although slightly touristy, the omelette was still delicious.

5) Delicious Moroccan tajine: Another gem in the Bab Doukkala area, this street is filled with restaurants offering various dishes, including tajines and grilled BBQ fish.

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Thank you for joining us on our Moroccan street food tour. If you’re craving more food-related content, visit our food blog for additional recommendations.

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