Choosing the Perfect Drink Package for Your Cruise Vacation

These drink packages go beyond just alcoholic beverages and sodas. Some packages also include unlimited specialty coffee and espresso drinks, as well as non-pressed juices. It’s important to note that some packages include gratuities while others do not, so it’s worth checking the details when pricing them out.

When planning a cruise vacation, there are many decisions to be made before boarding the ship, such as choosing the cabin category and selecting shore excursions. By choosing a drink package, you can eliminate one more decision and focus on what to pack instead. In this guide, we will provide you with information about the major cruise line drink packages, helping you decide which one is right for you.

Carnival Cruises offers two drink package options. The Bottomless Bubbles package includes soft drinks and juices for $6.95 per child and $9.50 per adult per day. The Cheers! package, on the other hand, offers wine, beer, cocktails, soft drinks, juices, teas, and coffee, starting at $59.95 per day. One advantage of the Cheers! package is that you get a 25% discount on a bottle of wine or champagne, as well as glasses priced over $20.

Celebrity Cruises provides two alcohol packages: Classic and Premium. The Classic package covers drinks up to $10 and costs $89 per day, while the Premium package covers drinks up to $17 and costs $109 per day. Celebrity Cruises also offers three non-alcoholic options. The Premium Non-Alcoholic Package includes not only soda, coffee, and tea but also unlimited coconut water. Additionally, Celebrity Cruises offers the option to purchase wines by the bottle, making it perfect for group travelers.

Cunard offers four main drink packages. The Premium Soft Drinks bundle is a non-alcoholic option that includes soft drinks, small bottled waters, juices, hot drinks, and non-alcoholic cocktails for $30. For coffee and tea lovers, there is a hot drinks package that includes specialty coffees, infusions, and hot chocolates for $12.50. If you want unlimited soft drinks, that’s available for $10. Cunard also offers a Beers, Wines, and Spirits option that allows you to order a variety of beverages costing up to $13.50 per serving. This package includes soft drinks and offers a 20% discount on drinks priced above $13.50. For wine enthusiasts, there are two signature collections to choose from or the option to create your own collection. Prices vary, and the packages offer up to a 20% discount on regular wine list prices.

Disney Cruise Line takes a different approach by offering a set number of drinks at a discounted price instead of an unlimited package. While this may not appeal to those looking for unlimited drinks, it can save you money compared to purchasing beverages individually on board. Disney offers two wine options: the Classic Wine package and the Premium package. Each package offers a selection of bottles at varying prices. The beer option allows you to purchase six beers for the price of five, with a wide selection to choose from.

Holland America Line offers the Signature Beverage Package for $54.95 per day, which includes drinks priced at $15 or lower, such as alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages, and specialty coffees. This package can be combined with Holland America Line’s Have It All Cruise Package, which includes one shore excursion, one specialty dining experience, and Wi-Fi throughout the cruise for an additional cost. However, if you prefer premium-tier drinks, you may need to pay for those separately.

Norwegian Cruise Line provides five drink packages. The Unlimited Soda Package costs $9.95 per day and covers unlimited soda and fountain drinks. The Unlimited Starbucks Package costs $12.95 per day and includes unlimited Starbucks coffee. For alcoholic options, there is the Premium Beverage Package for $109 per day, which covers drinks up to $15, and the Premium Plus Beverage Package for $138 per day, which includes higher-end wine and spirits. The Premium Beverage Package offers a wide variety of options, including 20 wines by the glass and hundreds of spirits and cocktails.

MSC Cruises offers several drink packages, including two non-alcoholic options. The Alcohol-Free Package and Minors Package cater to non-drinkers, offering mocktails, sodas, energy drinks, mineral and flavored waters, fruit juices, coffee drinks, hot chocolate, and tea. For those who want alcoholic beverages, there is the Easy Package, Easy Plus Package, and Premium Extra Package. These packages include all the non-alcoholic options plus alcohol. One advantage of MSC Cruises is that they also offer drink packages for children.

P&O Cruises offers a discount of 10% if you book a drink package before you leave. They have four tiers of packages, ranging in price from around $13 to $67. Each person is limited to 15 drinks within a 24-hour period, starting at 6:00 AM. If you exceed this limit, you will have to purchase drinks with a 20% discount. The packages include a range of beverages, from Pepsi and juice to an extended selection of cocktails, wines, craft beers, desserts, and fortified wines. It’s important to note that every adult in the same cabin must have the same drink package, so sharing is not allowed.

Princess Cruises offers four drink package options: Zero Alcohol Package, Classic Soda Package, Premier Coffee & Soda Package, and Premier Beverage Package. The Zero Alcohol Package covers both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks up to a certain value. The Classic Soda Package includes unlimited soda and fountain drinks. The Premier Coffee & Soda Package covers specialty coffees and premium soda. Lastly, the Premier Beverage Package includes a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

In conclusion, each cruise line offers a variety of drink packages to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you’re a wine lover, a cocktail enthusiast, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee, there is a package that will meet your needs. It’s important to consider factors such as price, selection, and any additional discounts or perks when choosing the right package for your cruise vacation.

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