September Rent Day at Bilt

September Rent Day at Bilt

In September, Bilt, a company that allows you to earn points from paying rent with no fees, announced some exciting offers. One of the offers is a collaboration with Soul Cycle, where Bilt members can book complimentary bikes for the Bilt x SoulCycle Rent Day Ride on the 1st of each month. To make it even more special, Bilt is paying the rent of one rider in every Rent Day Ride, with the chance to win up to $2,500. All Rent Day riders are eligible for this opportunity.

To participate in the Rent Day Ride, Bilt members can book their complimentary bike in the Bilt App starting at 7AM ET on August 29th. There are 10 bikes available per class on a first come, first served basis. This is a great chance to experience SoulCycle’s signature 45-minute, full-body indoor cycling workout for free. Even if the complimentary bikes are fully booked, Bilt members can still book a bike through the fitness tab using points or regular payment. So, it’s important to act quickly and secure a bike for September’s Rent Day Ride.

Another offer from Bilt is Point Questâ„¢ Trivia, a game show available in the Bilt app on August 1st. By answering 5 trivia questions, Bilt members can earn extra Bilt Points. If all 5 questions are answered correctly, there’s a bonus question for a chance to win a total of 250 Bilt Points.

Bilt has also introduced a new game show called ‘Rent Free’. In this show, creators and personalities play to help Bilt members win free rent. The game is based on the format of Family Feud, where 1,000 Bilt members were asked fun hypothetical questions. Participants need to correctly guess three of the most popular answers to be entered for a chance to get their August rent paid. Each month, up to 10 winners can receive free rent. This month, comedian and best-selling author Claudia Oshry, also known as @girlwithnojob, will be a special guest on Rent Free.

However, compared to previous months with elevated transfer bonuses, this month’s offers may not be as exciting. The best offer is the standard double points promotion, where cardholders can earn 6X on Dining, 4X on Travel, and 2X points on other spend (excluding rent) for September 1st only. Cardholders can receive double earnings, up to 10,000 bonus points. The promotion period runs from 12:00am ET on September 1st through 11:59pm PT on September 1st. Cardholders will still earn 1X points on their rent payments when using the Bilt Mastercard. It’s important to note that cardholders must use their card 5 times each statement period to earn points.

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