Finnair Adopts AVIOS for Loyalty Currency!

Finnair Adopts AVIOS for Loyalty Currency!

Finnair has officially announced that it will be adopting Avios as its loyalty currency. This means that customers will be able to earn Avios points for engaging with Finnair through flights, as well as other non-flying activities. Avios is a well-known loyalty currency that British Airways and Iberia initially used but have since gained popularity all over the world. It offers various ways to earn and redeem points, including partnerships with leading US credit cards.

The adoption of Avios by Finnair is significant not only for the airline but also for loyalty programs, points, and credit card rewards in general. It suggests that Avios may have applications beyond just airlines. Loyalty programs have proven to be valuable for airlines, hotels, and other brands, especially during times of crisis. They help generate engagement and revenue, even when people are not flying or staying in hotels.

Until now, Finnair’s loyalty program had limited global appeal. However, by adopting Avios, Finnair is likely to attract new members and international interest. Avios has a wider range of earning and burning partners, including all EU Oneworld alliance airlines, Qatar Airways, and various online retailers. This means that people can earn Avios by making purchases from popular brands like Apple and Adidas, as well as by renting cars or booking hotel stays.

The adoption of Avios by Finnair also has broader implications for the loyalty currency. With this announcement, every European Oneworld airline alliance member now uses Avios as its loyalty currency. This strengthens the Avios currency and also benefits the programs that adopt it. It is possible that more airlines, especially those outside the US and EU, may consider adopting Avios to expand their loyalty programs and reach new markets.

In addition to airlines, hotels are also exploring loyalty programs as a means to generate revenue. Major hotel groups like Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt have significantly expanded their loyalty programs to attract and retain customers. However, smaller hotel groups may struggle to compete with these established programs. One solution could be for these smaller groups to adopt Avios as their loyalty currency, offering customers a familiar and widely accepted currency.

The timing of Finnair’s adoption of Avios is interesting, as it coincides with a period of reduced fares and hotel rates. After the pandemic, travel businesses are looking to deliver value to customers and retain their loyalty. Loyalty programs are an effective way to achieve this. Finnair’s decision to adopt Avios seems well-timed, and it will be interesting to see if other airlines and travel businesses follow suit.

Overall, Finnair’s adoption of Avios as its loyalty currency marks an important development in the world of loyalty programs, points, and credit card rewards. It expands the reach of Avios and offers customers more opportunities to earn and redeem points. It also opens up possibilities for other industries, such as hotels, to adopt Avios and enhance their loyalty programs. The timing of this announcement suggests that loyalty will continue to play a crucial role in the travel industry’s recovery.

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