Top 10 Family-Friendly Hiking Trails in Aruba

Top 10 Family-Friendly Hiking Trails in Aruba

Aruba is a popular tourist destination known for its beaches and other fun activities. However, it also offers some easy and family-friendly hikes where you can see natural pools, rock arches, and desert landscapes at the Arikok National Park. Some of the best hikes in Aruba include:

1. Conchi Natural Pool: This is one of the most famous spots in Arikok National Park. It’s a beautiful turquoise tide pool that you can swim in, surrounded by a wall of rocks that protects you from the crashing waves.

2. Daimari to Conchi Natural Pool: This route is slightly easier and most of the time is spent walking along the coastline. You’ll also pass Boca Keto, a rugged twin beach with a unique rock formation called the ‘Klein Aruba’ (miniature Aruba).

3. Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge: Aruba is home to several rock bridges formed by sea erosion over the years, and the most popular one is the natural bridge at Andicuri Bay.

4. Casibari Rocks: The Casibari rock formation is a neat little free spot in central Aruba where you can climb to the top of a rock pile and enjoy scenic views of the island.

5. Hooiberg Hill: The Hooiberg hill in central Aruba is the second tallest point on the island of Aruba, with an elevation of 165 meters (541 feet).

6. Ayo Rocks: The Ayo rock formation is another nice little hike in Aruba that’s good for families, kids, and travelers of all ages.

7. Noordkaap Trail: This trail takes you along the northwestern tip of Aruba island, where you can enjoy ocean scenery and sand dunes, plus views of the California Lighthouse.

8. Dos Playa Trail: Dos Playa is a duo of scenic beaches in the Arikok National Park, but the road is very rough, so some people choose to hike it rather than driving.

9. Jamanota Hill: Jamanota is the highest point on the island of Aruba, with an elevation of 188 meters (617 feet) above sea level.
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