8 Must-Visit Festivals in Mongolia

Looking for festivals in Mongolia that are worth traveling for? Look no further! Mongolia, a landlocked country in East Asia, has a rich cultural heritage that is closely tied to its ancient history. Nomadic traditions have played a significant role in shaping Mongolia’s identity and cultural traits, influencing various aspects such as cuisine, architecture, clothing, art, and music. The country also boasts vibrant traditional festivals that are celebrated throughout the year.

Festivals hold immense cultural, social, and historical significance in Mongolian society. They go beyond being colorful and entertaining events and serve as a way for Mongolians to strengthen their sense of belonging and pride in their cultural roots. Many festivals in Mongolia have historical significance, commemorating past events, heroes, or important moments in the country’s history. Others have religious or spiritual origins, often combining elements of shamanism and Buddhism. Festivals provide a platform for Mongolian artists, musicians, dancers, and artisans to preserve and promote traditional arts and crafts.

If you’re interested in attending Mongolian festivals, here are some noteworthy events you should consider:

1. Danshig Naadam Festival: Held annually in July, this festival showcases Mongolia’s three traditional sports: wrestling, horse racing, and archery. It was first introduced in 1639 to showcase the prowess and athleticism of Mongolian athletes, and it has historical roots dating back to the era of Genghis Khan.

2. Golden Eagle Festival: This festival takes place in the Bayan-Ulgii province and celebrates the ancient art of eagle hunting practiced by Kazakh eagle herders known as the Burkitshi. Eagle hunters display their skills, and the Golden Eagles demonstrate their hunting prowess. It offers a rare glimpse into the time-honored traditions of Mongolia’s Kazakh community.

3. Khövsgöl Ice Festival: Held on the frozen shores of Lake Khövsgöl, this winter extravaganza features activities such as horse-drawn sleighs, ice skating, ice sumo wrestling, ice ger building, and dog sledding. Festival-goers don their traditional attire, representing the country’s 21 aimags or regions.

4. Thousand Camel Festival: This festival, held in Ömnögovi province, honors the region’s cherished double-humped Bactrian camels and helps conserve their declining population. It showcases camel parades and races, polo matches, and folk music and dance performances.

5. Tsagaan Sar: Celebrated to welcome the new year in Mongolia, Tsagaan Sar falls on the same day as the Tibetan festival of Losar. Families gather to welcome the new year with elaborate feasts, traditional rituals, and exchanging gifts. It is one of the most important holidays in Mongolia.

6. The Nauryz Festival, which Kazakh communities in Mongolia observe, heralds the start of spring and the renewal of nature following a protracted winter. Festivities include Mongolian wrestling, folk concerts, horseriding, parades, and feasting on traditional dishes.

7. Yak Festival: This unique festival celebrates the revered yak and takes place in regions where yaks are essential to nomadic life. It features yak races, yak milking competitions, yak lassoing, and yak wool weaving demonstrations.

8. Yohor Folk Art Festival: Held in July, this festival celebrates the folk art and cultural heritage of the Buryat Mongols from Western Mongolia. It features traditional folk dance performances and is a popular summer festival in Mongolia.

Attending these festivals will not only allow you to experience the vibrant culture and traditions of Mongolia but also provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in the country’s rich history and heritage. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the fascinating world of Mongolian festivals!

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