TravelRest All-in-One Travel Pillow Provides the Ultimate In-Flight Sleep Experience – Review

TravelRest All-in-One Travel Pillow Provides the Ultimate In-Flight Sleep Experience – Review

When it comes to traveling, finding a comfortable position to sleep in can be a challenge, especially when you’re stuck in the aisle or middle seat. Traditional travel pillows haven’t been able to provide the necessary support for restful sleep. However, TravelRest’s All-in-One Ultimate Travel Pillow may just be the solution.

Unlike other travel pillows, the TravelRest pillow is shaped like a long, skinny apostrophe and is inflatable. It is covered in a plush velour fabric and has memory foam inserts at the top. Instead of wearing it around your neck, you sling it across your shoulder like a messenger bag or guitar. This allows you to comfortably lean your head to one side or the other, depending on which shoulder you use.

To test the effectiveness of the pillow, I decided to try it out at home first. Upon opening the box, I was initially confused about how to use it. However, TravelRest provided an instructional video that was easy to understand and cleared up all my questions. Inflating the pillow only took two to three breaths, as the video claimed. I then clipped the strap to the bottom of the pillow and slung it around my shoulder, tightening the strap for a snug fit. This setup, known as wearing the pillow “freestyle,” held tension well.

For my trip, I folded the deflated pillow into thirds and secured it with the attached elastic band. This created a compact package that fit neatly in my carry-on backpack. I decided to test the pillow on a long-haul flight to Europe for a river cruise. Inflating the pillow was quick and quiet, so it didn’t disturb my seatmates. It took some time to find the most comfortable position, but eventually, I fell asleep with the pillow supporting my head and neck. I slept for a solid three to four hours, which was a huge improvement compared to previous flights.

Overall, the TravelRest pillow was easy to set up and use. It provided the necessary support for a comfortable sleep, even in the aisle seat. I appreciated that it could be folded up and stored in my backpack, rather than needing to be held or attached to the outside of my bag like traditional neck pillows. The material was soft and comfortable, and the memory foam inserts added extra support.

There are a few downsides to consider. The pillow still takes up some space in a carry-on, so if you’re tight on space, it may not be the best option. Additionally, it may not work for every situation, such as daytime flights. However, it should still provide added comfort for reading or watching movies.

In conclusion, the TravelRest All-in-One Ultimate Travel Pillow is a worthwhile investment for those seeking a comfortable sleep while traveling. Its unique design, ease of use, and supportive features make it a standout choice for frequent flyers.

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