20 Crucial Tasks to Complete in the Last 30 Days Before Your Cruise

20 Crucial Tasks to Complete in the Last 30 Days Before Your Cruise

Preparing for a cruise trip can be both fun and a bit stressful. There are certain things that you need to ensure are done before you leave. If these are overlooked, you might risk issues such as being denied boarding. This guide will provide a checklist of what needs to be done during the last 30 days before your cruise, ensuring you don’t miss anything crucial. It includes everything from booking accommodations, excursions, packing for the cruise, and more.

Before setting off, it’s essential to do an online check-in on the cruise line’s website or app. This should ideally be done about 30 days ahead of your cruise, although the timeframe may vary between cruise lines. When completing your check-in, have your passport or government ID ready, as you might have to provide the details or even upload a photo of the document. Also, check your passport’s expiration date to ensure it’s still valid for the duration of your trip.

Cruise lines usually have an app that provides useful information. If you’re sailing with Princess Cruise, for instance, you will need to do your online check-in through the MedallionClass app. The apps also offer features like daily planners, menus, and a messaging system to communicate with other passengers on board.

If you haven’t already done so, book your hotel and sort out transportation to the port. Also, print out your cruise luggage tags, cruise documents, and any confirmations for shore excursions and hotel reservations. It’s always good to have a physical copy of these documents on hand in case you cannot access them on your phone.

Researching cruise ports and booking shore excursions is another important step to consider. You don’t want to find yourself in a port without any plans. Therefore, ensure to research the ports you’ll be visiting and book your excursions accordingly.

If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to book any cruise packages, such as drink and dining packages. Often, cruise lines offer discounts for booking these online before your cruise. Additionally, make reservations for onboard amenities such as specialty dining restaurants, spa treatments, and entertainment options.

Start a packing checklist about a month before your cruise. Try on your cruise outfits ahead of time to ensure they still fit and make you feel comfortable. Remember to pack essentials such as toiletries and outfits for formal nights.

Joining a cruise roll call or a Facebook group can also be helpful. These platforms allow you to share information about the cruise, discuss excursions and ports, and even meet fellow passengers virtually.

Ensure that you have adequate travel insurance before your cruise vacation. Unexpected events like flight cancellations or medical emergencies can occur, and travel insurance offers a safety net for such situations.

Before leaving, remember to withdraw cash or foreign currency for spending during your cruise, alert your credit card company about your travel plans, bid for cabin upgrades, learn more about your cruise ship, check cell phone plans, make self-care appointments, refill prescriptions, buy cabin door decorations, and check the weather forecast.

Lastly, take care of any last-minute home organization. This could include alerting your alarm company, putting a hold on your mail, cleaning out your fridge, emptying your garbage bin, and making your bed with clean sheets for when you return home.

By adhering to this checklist, you can ensure that you are well-prepared for your cruise, leaving you free to enjoy your holiday without any unnecessary stress. Happy cruising!

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